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Rachel Eye Center, Abuja, Nigeria

The place to be for:

Courteous and efficient eye care service.

Cost effective eye surgery by experienced surgeons.

Fastest optical services in Abuja and environs.

We open 6/7 (emergencies only on Sundays, 8am-4pm Saturday)

Our Services:

  • Daily general consultation.
  • Specialized glaucoma clinics
  • efficient cataract surgery services
  • Retinal Detachment surgery.
  • efficient optical services
  • Wide ranging ocular diagnostics: Indirect ophthalmoscopy, Direct ophthalmoscopy, Slit lamp biomicroscopy, A-scan ultrasound, Automated computerised perimetry, Motion sensitivity screening Tests, 90D biomicroscopy, etc.
  • Experienced staff: 2 ophthalmologists, 3 optometrists, 3 opticians, ophthalmic nurses and a coterie of  support staff.
  • Regular free eye camps in conjunction with the Bartimaeus trust


Rachel Eye Education

Glaucoma-The slow thief of sight
The Glaucomas are a group of diseases characterized by increased intraocular pressure, optic nerve disease and visual field loss. More

What is a cataract?
Inside the eye there is a natural lens like the lens of a camera.
When we are born the lens is clear like glass. Over the years the lens can loose its clarity, and vision is reduced. A lens which has lost its ability to clearly transmit light is called a CATARACT. More

Choosing sunglasses: Is UV protection important?
Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun can damage your eyes as well as your skin. Strong sunlight can burn the corneas and conjunctivas of your eyes. In addition, long-term exposure to UV radiation can contribute to eye disease, especially cataracts. So, choosing sunglasses that provide UV protection is very important. More











Rachel Eye Center

Plot 687
Gimbiya Street

Area 11 Abuja,